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Friday, 17 August 2012
Dear Mum

On a bright sunny day Room 9 went inside the hall for our netbook launch, the 25th July 2012.  When the children were sitting down Ms Lammas was reading some comments that Richie and Daniel Carter had sent us.   What I did expect to see was my netbook on my desk.  What I did not expect were the balloons and the tables.  The part that I enjoyed the most is opening my netbook and it was shining.  My netbook was so beautiful.
The netbook will help me with the games that has maths in it.  The most important part is searching on the internet.  The netbook helps you with our spelling too.  The netbook helps you make a very important movie too.
Thank you mum for paying for my netbook I really love you so much.              
Your Daughter 



Krissy Rangi said...

I can imagine how excited you were Serena. Balloons always make occasions better don't they. Wow, your netbook does a lot to help you learn. That is awesome.