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Thursday, 15 November 2012

G.I. Bootcamp from Glen Innes School on Vimeo.

This was Glen Innes School's entry at the Manaiakalani Film Festival held on 14 November 2012 at the Hoyts Cinemas, Sylvia Park, Auckland, New Zealand.
Thursday, 20 September 2012

Dear Mr Hendricks

In my opinion, I strongly believe, NO, I will convince you to believe me that we should take our netbook home.

Mr Hendricks, Room 9 and I would love to take our netbooks home. O
nly if you agree.  If you don’t have any ideas why Room 9 and I should take our netbook home, then let me give examples of why we should take our netbook home because we have a lot of learning to do. Let me tell you what I am learning. I am learning how to spell, to do maths like basic facts, also writing and reading. NOW that is important because reading is like understanding more things, talking properly and being able to read more books.

From the reasons above, I question whether you will allow us to take our netbook home. That is why I must convince you to let us to take our netbooks home. For example, Room 9 and I love our netbooks because If we love our netbook then we love learning too. Also Including, If we love our netbook then we love our netbook and nothing bad will happen to our netbook.

I strongly believe that we can take our netbook home because we have no home work. How am I supposed to learn without homework. Since I know my netbook is special to me, then I can learn more things from my netbook because my netbook has everything.

Netbooks are fun and easy nothing is hard just easy because everyone loves to learn like me, so if you allow us to take our netbook. You know, the more we take our netbook, the more we learn.

To be honest, Room 9 and I agree to take our netbook home because we are ready and if you don’t agree, someday I can take your daughter to school from home. Then after school I can take her back home or clean your car or clean your house, your garden, your washing and your shoes. I’m a good girl don't you think? If you think I am a good girl can we take our netbook home PLEASE.

For instance, If we forgot something to do for our schoold work then we can do that at home with our netbook. We don’t want to waste our time writing in our books that is because you have to walk there and walk back home, so no time to do that .  

As evidence, instead using books you can do everything in your netbooks because your netbooks have everything inside it, so it is that easy. In my support of this I would like to continue learning at home.

Furthermore, you don’t want us to waste our money on books because if you buy books then you have to buy a book every time. When you are finished your book. It looks “boring". In fact, we love learning, if we love learning then we can learn more “right”? yes, I agree and I hope you agree too.

Mr Hendricks, Room 9 and I ask you to allow us to take our netbooks home because ROOM 9 AND I ARE IN LOVE WITH OUR NETBOOKS.  

In my conclusion, I love my netbook very much. Please give me a chance to take my netbook home because I’m in love with my netbook. Mr Hendricks, don't forget I love learning. In my opinion, as you can see, I hope you let us take our netbook home.

Last but not least, it is my dream to take it home. So PLEASE Mr Hendricks we are begging you if we can take our netbooks home we can improve that we can get better by learning on our netbooks. PLEASE, PLEASE Mr Hendricks can we take our netbook home I am begging you. Just Room 9 can take their netbook home. Of course we are begging you because we have nothing to do just playing and NO learning. Thank you.
Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Please Mr Hendricks, I have to go to the Olympics 2012. I will be the best student that should go and I will be your STAR.
I will work harder in school to show how happy I am and to tell stories with you when I come back from London. I got my throat ready to cheer for the New Zealand because I really am keen to go to the Olympics and I will wash your car everyday, only starting when I come back from London.

I want to know what it's like to be at the Olympics and I want to win a gold medal for Badminton. I would love to go to the olympics and win a gold medal for our school. Mr Hendricks remember I said I will wash your car. Also I will Take your dog for a walk. It would love to be walked everyday. So Please Mr Hendricks can I go?
Friday, 17 August 2012
Dear Mum

On a bright sunny day Room 9 went inside the hall for our netbook launch, the 25th July 2012.  When the children were sitting down Ms Lammas was reading some comments that Richie and Daniel Carter had sent us.   What I did expect to see was my netbook on my desk.  What I did not expect were the balloons and the tables.  The part that I enjoyed the most is opening my netbook and it was shining.  My netbook was so beautiful.
The netbook will help me with the games that has maths in it.  The most important part is searching on the internet.  The netbook helps you with our spelling too.  The netbook helps you make a very important movie too.
Thank you mum for paying for my netbook I really love you so much.              
Your Daughter 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Dear Mum

You paid for my useful and helpful Netbook.  I will prove to you that your money is not wasted.
On our Netbook launch  day I did not expect the wonderful and colourful decoration in the hall and on the trolley on the Netbooks. The movie I did not expect the most.  Also I didn't expect the Netbooks in boxes. The most I enjoyed was turning the Netbooks on. It will help me by letting me go on the internet.The balloons were expected because I helped put them up. That is why I want to say thank you mum.

Your son

Monday, 13 August 2012
Dear mum
It was a lovely morning. I walked into the hall. There were decorations like banners and balloons. We got our netbooks.
I did not expect a movie, decorations and a box for our netbooks.  I did expect netbooks on a trolley.

The netbook that you bought for me will help me by doing my  spelling. I even can play games that helps me with my maths. I can  even do my research on the internet.
The thing that I enjoyed was opening my netbook.

Thank You for spending your money on my netbook. It is so cool I was so exciting when you bought my netbook . I love you mum, so much I will try not to be naughty and try to  be kind.  You are the   best mum.Thank you mum

Your son
Sunday, 12 August 2012

Dear Mum
Thank you Mum for spending your money on my net-book. When I first saw my net-book I was surprised by the way it looked. It was shiny and bright. I was very excited when we took it out and all of Room 9 didn't expect the netbook to be in a boxes. It had all the things that the netbook needed. Those things are the charger... yeah thats the only thing a netbook needs. When I opened the netbook I didn’t expect the wipe to be in the awesomeness  of our net-books.

When we came to the class we waited for Mrs Grant. Mr Ramkolowan told us how to work the netbook. A netbook is cool, Mr Ramklowan's one was even cooler than our netbook because the teacher are lucky to pick the colour of their net-book. Finally Mrs Grant comes in with the computer doctor and a few people. She taught us how to work all our netbooks. We played sumdog when Mrs Grant finished teaching us how to work it. I expected our teacher  would let us play a few games. Mostly I expected our netbook to be just the way it is.     

Your son 
Friday, 10 August 2012
Dear mum
It was such a lovely morning. When I walked into the hall I thought, “Hey, were is our netbooks?”. All of a sudden Mr Hendricks was talking to our family.
By then Mr Ramkalawan showed a movie about our netbook. But until the movie was finished the netbook came out on a big 
black tray. I couldn't   believe the netbook was here.

Thank you Mum
from Moko.

Thursday, 9 August 2012
Dear Nana
Our netbook launch day was lovely and a hot day too.

Thank you nana for buying my netbook.  I was surprised when I was in the hall. I heard music and I saw many people.  I was so happy when I saw my netbook and I hope you loved my new netbook too.

I do not want my netbook to be broken because it will cost lots of money.  The netbook will help me do my maths, writing and my reading.  Now we can do our work on our Google Apps and we can do maths on our Google Apps sites. The netbook was $40.00 and my nana sacrificed her money for my netbook.  I will learn a lot with my netbook.

Thank you nana your grand daughter
Tuesday, 7 August 2012
Dear Mum and Dad

When the netbook launch day came I never expected to  see a lot of parents sitting at the back of the hall. I  also did not  expect to hear a letter from the queen. But what I did expect was to receive my beautiful shining netbook from my teacher.
How the netbook will help me:
The netbook helps me  do my work a bit faster. It also helps me finish my writing on time so that my teacher Mr Ramkolowan can read my work. Lastly it changes the way that I use to work before. If it wasn’t for my mum and dad I will still be working in my book and I will never get my work done in time.So THANK YOU so much mum and dad for paying for my netbook.

THANK YOU so much 

your daughter