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Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Room 9 Manaiakalani Film Festival Entry

"Don't wake me upppppppppppp!"  - This is our class movie for the Manaiakalani Film Festival.  In room 9 we are a happy bunch of kids and we enjoy coming to school.  When we enter our class in the morning we are soooooo happy that most of us break out into a song.  We decided to capture these moments in the movie that you see above.
Thursday, 5 November 2015

Look at the picture below.  Write 4 sentences using persuasive words why we should buy this fruit:

Kiwi fruit.

The Kiwifruit

The Kiwifruit is a fruit that you cannot  resist.

The Kiwifruit is very popular and I can guarantee that you'll love it!

Kiwifruit has vitamins and it will make you very strong.

I am sure that the Kiwifruit is the best fruit you will ever eat.
Wednesday, 4 November 2015
Screenshot 2015-05-28 at 14.45.43.png

One day Sally,Jenny and Cory went to the zoo.The first animal they saw was a lion. A  lion is scary. He has long teeth. The next animal they saw was a tiger. A big tiger. "A tiger is scary like a lion," said Sally. The next animal
they saw was a monkey. "A monkey is very funny" said Sally. The next animal they saw was a rhinoceros. "A rhinoceros is also very scary." said Sally. The next animal they saw was a fish. "A fish is not scary," said Sally. The next animal they saw was an elephant. "An elephant is big, fat scary," said Sally. The monkey is a funny animal. One day I am going to go to the zoo.

My tree is called a Rimu.

I am going to find out some facts about the Rimu tree and write it below in my document.

This is a picture of a rimu tree and it has a very long trunk.

These are Rimu tree leaves.
They are really green.

Did you know that the rimu tree grows red berries.
The rimu tree is also known as the red pine.
This tree has leaves that grow up to about 7 centimetres long.


This is a rimu tree and it is really big.

I have been writing about a tree called the RIMU!!!!
It is a big green tree with a huge trunk and it has green leaves.
It's leaves are spirally arranged.

 We have learning about equivalent fraction.  We made a fraction from shapes.  We then photographed it and start writing. I learnt that  1/2 = 5/10 and 2/3 = 4/6.  

WE have be learning about Equivalent Fractions . We made fractions from shapes, photographed it and inserted it into our document. I learnt that 1/2 = 2/4, and 1/3 = 2/6.
It was fun making Equivalent Fractions with shapes.