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Monday, 13 May 2013

Taekwondo is a martial mixed art and it is full of fun. At my school a very special lady came in to teach us about taekwondo. I've heard of the name before but never knew what it meant. In the first lesson we sat down on the field and she introduced herself. Her name was Mrs Robinson. She asked if we could stand up and say the oath.
“I shall observe the tenets of Taekwondo.
I shall respect the instructor and seniors.
I shall never misuse Taekwondo.
I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.
I shall build a more peaceful world.”
After the oath we learnt a few punches and one kick. 

The next week she told us about the tenets of taekwondo.
They were “ Courtesy, Integrity, Perseverance, Self control and Indomitable Spirit.We practiced the punches that we were taught and the kick.

The following week she talked to us about the belts. There is a white belt, a yellow belt, a green belt, a blue belt, a red belt and a black belt. On that week she taught us how to do a front snap kick. In the last week we had to break a board ourselves. It was really hard but then SNAP the board broke. I was really happy because it was so much fun and I hope Mrs Robinson will come back again.