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Friday, 12 April 2013

What I learnt about cogs.

Yesterday we learnt how to make a cog and use more than one cog together. We also spun one of them to move the other one. Mr. Ramkolowan taught us how to make the cogs and how to make all of them move. It was fun because we had to cut the cardboard into a circular shape. Then we drew the teeth and cut it out. Next we had to stick our pencil into it to make it spin. It was so cool when we played with it at the end. Nearly our whole class played together with every ones cogs. Ifa and I had the second smallest cogs.


Etai said...

Hi Pareata and Ifa
You have a good post about cogs. You and Ifa like to do everything when you two have know partner. How do you two make two cogs with a pencil and a cardboard. Is it difficult making a cog with cardboard ?

Lana said...
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Keaneau said...

hello Pareata and Ifa I like the cogs you made it looks cool. Was it hard to make?

Liam said...
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Sanele said...

Hi Ifa.
I hope you can help me make a toy like this for me because I really like it. Do you think you can make one for me?

Munokoa said...
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Andrea said...

Bonjour Pareata and Ifa,
I really enjoyed reading your interesting story about how you made the cogs. If you had any other toy to make, What would it be?

Arohdyin said...

that looks cool it looks like it can fly