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Thursday, 11 April 2013

On Monday we made all sizes and shapes of cardboard cogs.  I had to make a big cog. My helper was Etai but he didn't even help me much, so I did all the hard work. First we had to cut the cardboard into a circle. Then we 

had to make the teeth of the cogs.

After that I cut the shape of the teeth myself. When that was finished I attached my cog to Melissa's cog. It worked perfectly. When I spun my cog, Melissa's cog would turn too. The teeth made the cogs turn. I was happy that I finished.


Melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

Hi Tamim, I was also happy when the cogs were working. You must really know a lot about cogs. Well done on working so hard to create your cog. Do you think this helped you with your learning?

Sanele said...

Hi tamim.
I like your cogs because I can see it look nice and it's fun playing with it.
Can you make one of those for me?