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Wednesday, 29 April 2015
My Ears

The ear is something you really need so that you can listen to your teachers so that you can learn something. Your ear is so important because you need your ears to learn new things at school or at home or at church.

You can care for your ears by turning down your loud music and by wearing ear muffs when you go to work . There are other ways to protect your ears getting damaged - like not screaming into other peoples ears and by watching your pinna because insects can go into your ear and then it can’t get out.

You need to care for your ears because if it is damaged you will not be having fun listening to music and you will not be learning new stuff because you cannot hear. You will also not hear when people ask if you want lollies or if you want your jumper.

You really have to care about your ears because if it is really damaged then you can't have fun ever in your life because you can't laugh at your friends jokes because you cannot hear her and if a person rings your phone then you can’t hear what that person is saying.

You should always look after your ears or you won’t have any fun in your life and because you need your ears to hear your teachers talk to you when you are in class so that you can learn something and be smart and grow up like a smart person you should look after your ears.

My ear vocabulary

sound waves
outer ear
ear muffs
middle ear
ear plugs
ear wax
inner ear

Facts about ears:

Loud music - turn down your loud music.
Sniffing - don’t sniff , just blow your nose.
Don’t put objects in your ear.
Never put ear buds in your ear.

Our Summer Swimming Lessons

The first day of our swimming lesson for 2015, was on the second day of returning back to school.  It was chilly but it just got warmer and warmer because of the sun and a lot of swimming.
First 2 people had to swim freestyle and then my teacher would  give us a number. My number was one and my friend  also had  the number one too. We went in first and swam freestyle.

Next it was backstroke. First it was fun, but then we had to do 5 laps of swimming. It was tiring but it was good exercise and we were learning how to do backstroke. Backstroke is a little bit of hard work.

Then we got to do breaststroke. I did a lap of breaststroke and then I waited for the rest of the class to have their turn.  

After that we had a bit of free time but it was very little. I enjoyed playing with my friends in the pool.

Finally we got out and had a shower. Then we got changed and headed back to class. Day one was amazing.

ASB money talks   
Today after morning tea we had a visitor. She was from ASB. The first thing she did was introduce herself. Her name was Tessa. She said that she didn't really work at the ASB bank but her job was to go all around the schools in New Zealand and tell them ways to earn and save money.

That bank had a lot of money. Tessa had told us three ways to  earn money. The first way to get money was to do your chores. The second was to help your neighbours e.g. wash their car, help them paint or take care of their pets. The third was to save up in a bank or in a money box. There were two other ways but I don't remember because there was a lot of talking around me. 

I learnt that if you save your money in the bank you can earn extra money. This extra money is called Interest. She also taught us a chant and it went like this…
When you earn some money what do you do? Spend some on you and save some too. 

After a while Tessa left and she left 30 hand bands with our teacher.  I learnt a lot about money from Tessa.

Screenshot 2015-03-20 at 11.05.19 AM.png