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Wednesday, 29 April 2015
Our Summer Swimming Lessons

The first day of our swimming lesson for 2015, was on the second day of returning back to school.  It was chilly but it just got warmer and warmer because of the sun and a lot of swimming.
First 2 people had to swim freestyle and then my teacher would  give us a number. My number was one and my friend  also had  the number one too. We went in first and swam freestyle.

Next it was backstroke. First it was fun, but then we had to do 5 laps of swimming. It was tiring but it was good exercise and we were learning how to do backstroke. Backstroke is a little bit of hard work.

Then we got to do breaststroke. I did a lap of breaststroke and then I waited for the rest of the class to have their turn.  

After that we had a bit of free time but it was very little. I enjoyed playing with my friends in the pool.

Finally we got out and had a shower. Then we got changed and headed back to class. Day one was amazing.


tera williamson said...

Hi Mya

I really enjoyed reading your blog. It sounds like you had a good day of swimming, you will have to show me your freestyle and backstroke. Keep up the good work.


Alyssa said...

Kia Ora Mya , I really like your writing it sounds like you had fun swimming. When it was swimming I didn't swim. Can you do freestyle like a pro?

leilani @ Glen Innes School said...

Hello Mya,

I like how you were using good punctuation, and how you did your little paragraphs. I haven't swam here at GI, yet. Did you think it was one of the best 'back to school' days?

Spxroom seven said...

Hello Mya, I'm Hola from Saint Pius X Catholic School :)
I love you're reading about you're Swimming... We don't have an actual pool in my School, but we did learn some cool tricks and skills.... I also liked how you enjoyed swimming with your friends too.... Was back to School, one of your favourite term ?

mya said...

To Alyssa
Hi Alyssa no I am not that good at freestyle but I am good at backstroke. Are you good at freestyle or backstroke.