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Monday, 13 August 2012
Dear mum
It was a lovely morning. I walked into the hall. There were decorations like banners and balloons. We got our netbooks.
I did not expect a movie, decorations and a box for our netbooks.  I did expect netbooks on a trolley.

The netbook that you bought for me will help me by doing my  spelling. I even can play games that helps me with my maths. I can  even do my research on the internet.
The thing that I enjoyed was opening my netbook.

Thank You for spending your money on my netbook. It is so cool I was so exciting when you bought my netbook . I love you mum, so much I will try not to be naughty and try to  be kind.  You are the   best mum.Thank you mum

Your son


Krissy Rangi said...

I also would have enjoyed opening my netbook the most. It is always very exciting getting new things. Especially a netbook. You are very lucky and I wish I had one.