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Tuesday, 3 May 2016
Hello everyone today I am here to talk to you and to convince you to stop destroying the environment and most importantly stop destroying trees.

Do you know how much disease is in the air because of your doing?  I'm sure that you don't because if you did then you will know how much kids and adults are suffering in the world because there is hardly any more trees in the world and they have less fresh air to breathe and there is much less fruit in the world growing on them.

If you cared as much as I do for little children and adults then you would have enough love to encourage others and yourself to stop destroying our forests.

Please as I said earlier, people are suffering because of the pollution that is happening in the world. If I had the right to stop all of this destruction then I would because although some people in the world call this destruction it's actually called extinction.

There were so many extraordinary forests in the world but now they are all just some abandoned desert all filled with sand and camels.

If you want to make a difference in the world then encourage the Government then  the best way to do that is to stand for the trees.


Unknown said...

Kia ora Kura, The thing I like about this writing is, the good choices of words you have decided to put in your writing. I really hope you can keep it up and stay determined.

Unknown said...

Hello kura your writing about trees has a stronger advice for people to listen to your writing . This is very real what you have written and this is what have been happening in our world .

Harry said...

Hi Kura, your speech about the trees have taught me something I didn't know. I never knew that the deserts used to have forests, all I knew was that we are slowly destroying the environment and most of them have been damaged. Thank you for writing this, maybe everyone will help make this a world a better place when they see this.

Moana @ Glen Innes School said...

Nice Work Guys