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Wednesday, 17 February 2016
We're Back!

Hello everyone, we are now called Room 11 and we are back.  This year we have a strong Year 5, Year 6 and Year 7 class with our teacher Mr Ramkolowan encouraging us along.  We are excited about our Year 5 students chromebook rollout this week.  We are also looking forward to our Tiritiri Matangi trip next week (Please pray that it does not rain!).  The coaches from "SwimMagic" are doing a fantastic job teaching us the finer points of swimming.  Everyone in our class just love to get into the pool. - And thank you to all those lovely people who answered "Steve's" FaceBook call and sent swimming togs to our school.  We are humbled and very grateful to you all.  Now instead of shorts we have real swimming togs to get into the pool.


teariki said...
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teariki said...

Well done room 11 I really like how you are fitting in and how use are getting along.Good on use year fives getting a chromebook for the first time and that means that this is a really big thing for use like all the responsibility and how it works and stuff good luck and have fun.