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Monday, 2 May 2016
The Easter Breakfast

Last week on  Thursday  Room11 went to the Library for a Easter Breakfast.

When we walked into the library we could not believe our eyes!

We saw a long table filled with Hot cross buns, hot chocolate with marshmallows and three Easter eggs! Before we ate Mr Ramkolowan asked us to do some research about the meaning of Easter and to find out who was first to discover Hot cross buns.Then we ate the delicious food!

When we ate the food we were all delighted because it was so delicious! When we finished eating we cleaned up our mess and said thank you to Mr Ramkolowan. And we waited until everyone was finished and then we listened to the piano which Jolie played on.

Before we left Mya,Sita,Hanatia and I took all of the cups to the school kitchen for a clean and Sive and Sunipa took the long table to the hall.

Conclusion: When we went back to class we all sat down and continued to do our daily work.

THE END………..