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Wednesday, 12 November 2014


Justine May said...

I'm not surprised you were asked to give some awesome ideas! It's because you have such great, imaginative, creative and intelligent brains! Well done room 9! It looked like a great day. From Miss May, Room 5, Tamaki Primary School.

Chantal Millward said...

We really enjoyed your movie and liked the way you cut the ribbon. We also like your art. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Room 2 Panmure Bridge School

Tobias said...

HI room 9 My name is Tobias and I'm from stoneifleds school

Your video really opened my eyes to see what significance you project has on people. the kapa hake was amazingly done and your timing was perfectly in sync with each other making it a real treat to watch. I had fun understanding how this affect your school and others great work guy keep it up.

Ana said...

Hey I really enjoyed your movie it really surprised me. I like when you cut the ribbon. You guise have such a creative imaginations.

Evelyn said...

Hi students I really enjoyed it and the part I like was when lauren presented a speech for Glen Innes School